Amazon Advertising

Running Sponsored Product Ads and Headline Search aren’t your only options for promoting your products on Amazon.

We are one of the few agencies with direct access to Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Advertising Platform or AAP). This program allows you to market to shoppers off Amazon in creative and targeted ways. If you were to work directly with Amazon, you’d have to meet their $15,000 to $30,000 in spend minimums. We have an agency direct relationship and can get you started for less. Interested? Contact Us For Your Strategy Session.

Why Consider Amazon Advertising?

1 Remarketing Options – Every good marketer runs remarketing campaigns for people who abandon their site without converting. What about people who visit your products on Amazon and don’t buy? Using Amazon Advertising, we can build audiences of shoppers who visit your products on Amazon and don’t purchase. We can then run display ads targeting them across the web wooing them back to Amazon to purchase.

2 Competitive ASIN Targeting – What about people who shop your competitors products and similar products but don’t purchase? You can build audiences of those shoppers too and target them with display ads encouraging them to visit your listings instead.

3 In-Market Audience Targeting – We can also build audiences of people who are actively shopping for products in your category and target them off Amazon using Amazon Advertising.