Charitable Partnerships

A core value of OMG’s culture is that WE CARE.

“We care about our clients, our industry community, and various charitable efforts both locally and globally.” As a fulfillment of this, we partner with organizations that are on a mission to make the world a better place by empowering people to lead their communities to excellence. 

I've learned that just throwing money at a problem rarely fixes the problem. That’s why I believe so much in what I Pour Life does and why we have supported them time and again. I Pour Life operates LifeStrengths for at-risk, marginalized, and homeless youth in Missouri and Texas, as well as a community development and family empowerment program in Kore, Ethiopia for individuals who are experiencing extreme poverty and have been diagnosed with leprosy, HIV/AIDs, and Tuberculosis.One person and one community at a time, I Pour Life is providing a hand up, not a hand out to people with economic and social disadvantages.

-- Brett C

My husband recently graduated from UCO ROTC. This program comes alongside students as they work on getting their degree and prepares them for life in the military once they graduate. Its core purpose is to train officers by instilling discipline, athleticism, and a great work ethic into students that want to eventually serve their country. Its secondary purpose is to provide funding for education to someone who may not want to make the military a career but is willing to offer 4-6 years of service after graduation. 

--Sheila S

Dogwood Ranch is a cause that’s close to my heart. As someone who has worked with foster kids and is now a foster parent, I know how hard it is for these kids to participate in traditional talk therapy. I have had both of my adopted girls go through the Healing Reigns program and it has changed their lives. My 14 year old has learned to trust others and has found her voice. My 10 year old has conquered fears and learned how to trust as well.   

--Brandi J

Growing up, as part of our church's outreach program, my family would pick up girls from the county girls' home to spend a day or weekend. The idea was to give these girls from broken homes a chance to experience healthy family lives. Having seen first hand the impact that drugs and incarceration have on children I was amazed by the mission of the Lovelady Center. The Lovelady Center provides treatment and education for women to re-enter society with hope. Perhaps most importantly, they work to reconcile these women with their children, saving many from being dumped into the foster care system.

-- Scott J

I love any charity that helps vulnerable children but Hope Community Project changed the way I look at supporting 3rd world orphanages. Often when aid floods into an impoverished area, it collapses the local economy, creating “economic orphans”. These orphans have living family but due to financial hardships, they can not stay with them. The mission of Hope Community Project is orphan prevention through strengthening families and communities in Gonaives, Haiti. They seek to help the most vulnerable families stay together and to encourage extended families and communities to care for the orphans among them, providing at-risk families with a viable alternative to institutionalizing their children.

-- Brandi J

My oldest son (age 12) has been diagnosed with T1D for almost 3 years now. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is a foundation that is near and dear to my heart. JDRF is leading the fight against type 1 diabetes (T1D) by funding research, advocating for policies that accelerate access to new therapies, and providing a support network for millions of people around the world impacted by T1D.

-- Chelsea C

When my son was born, his pulmonary valve didn't open all the way.  He had to have heart catheterization surgery when he was 4 months old.  My husband and I had to take time off work, stay in Ann Arbor (about 3 hours south from where we lived), get a hotel for 4 nights, plus pay for our food and gas.  We were pretty broke back then. Ronald McDonald House Charities gave us a hotel room for the entire stay, transportation to and from the hospital, and food vouchers so that all we had to do was focus on our son.  I'm forever grateful for their hospitality.

-- Patricia B