We believe in 3 things that makes our team world class:

1 Hire people who care. We hire for culture and character first. We want team members who are “all-in” on helping your business grow.

2 Provide the best tools, training and resources. We can only help your business scale if we leverage the latest tools and technologies. We regularly send employees to Google Partner and Amazon events. Our Google reps visit the OMG offices quarterly for training and strategic collaboration.

3 Check, cross-check, and help each other level up. We use checklists, weekly internal client meetings, and internal dashboards to make sure you’re getting our best efforts every month.

The OMG Commerce Mission is to accelerate our clients’ growth through
world-class digital marketing that drives measurable results.

Leadership Team

Brett Curry


Chris Brewer


Sarah Edwards


Account Managers

Darby Bowler

Account Manager – Reporting Specialist

Allee Mixon

Account Manager

Jessica Gremminger

Account Manager

Kim Connor

Account Manager


Bill Cover

Google Specialist

Brandi Johnston

SEO Specialist

Mike La Franchi

Google Specialist

Chris Tyler

Amazon Specialist

Chelsea Cardoza

Data Feed Specialist

Scott Jemison

Google Specialist

Greg Maycock

Google Specialist

Ashley Lawless

Jr. SEO Specialist

Sheila Secrest

Jr. Google Specialist

Trenton Bodenbach

Jr. Amazon Specialist

Jonathan Finkes

Jr. Amazon Specialist

Pierson Kellogg

SEO Admin

Brannon Powers

Facebook Specialist


Melissa Bartowiak

Office Manager

Patricia Baker

Finance/HR Director

Taylor Peacock

Executive Assistant