What Happens When Someone Leaves Without Purchasing?

You Proactively Woo Them Back.

Remarketing campaigns, when set up properly, can be extremely effective. The average eCommerce site converts at a 1-3% rate. Meaning that out of every 100 visitors who browse your site, only 3 or less will purchase. What should you do with the other 97-99 visitors? Stay in front of them with with highly targeted ads based on their behavior on your site.

How we make remarketing work for you:

  • Dynamic remarketing with ads that feature the products your visitors viewed while on your site
  • Highly segmented ads with appropriate messages based on someone‚Äôs behavior on your site.
  • Reporting & Optimization
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) – what should you do if someone visits your site then later goes back to Google and searches again for your products? In a lot of cases it makes sense to bid more on someone who has already been to your site.

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