YouTube Ads

Few platforms can build awareness for your brand and drive conversions at scale like YouTube.

3 ways to scale with YouTube

1 Remarketing – Our belief is that almost all eCommerce companies should run remarketing campaigns on YouTube. A pre-roll video ad with a strong call to action is a great way to recover abandoned carts, get the casual site visitor back to your site to purchase, and even encourage existing customers to buy again.

2 Drive awareness and create brand lift – Every time we run extensive YouTube campaigns we notice an increase in people searching for that brand on Google. The brand lift or “halo” effect is strong with YouTube campaigns.

3 Drive immediate sales at scale – With newer YouTube ad formats and targeting options, you can now drive sales in the short term at scale.

How Can OMG Commerce® Help

We’re a recognized leader in the YouTube for eCommerce space. Our CEO, Brett Curry, has spoken at major industry events like Social Media Marketing World, Traffic & Conversion Summit, and Smart Marketer events on the topic of YouTube for eCommerce. For agencies our size (we are in the top 3% in the world in terms of spend), we are one of the largest spenders on YouTube.

Strategy Development – Strategy with YouTube is critical. You’ll have the best results with a properly built-out funnel where you’re utilizing YouTube both for prospecting and remarketing. It’s also important to consider your Search, Shopping, and Display campaigns and how they complement and support your YouTube efforts.

Campaign Structure and Management – There is an art and science to campaign structure. After managing millions in ad spend successfully, we know how to structure and manage campaigns for optimal performance.

Ongoing Consultation – If you get the right video, and the right campaign structure, you’re still never finished. You’ll need to tweak campaigns, add audiences, adjusting bidding, test new videos and push for better performance on a continual basis. YouTube is NOT a “set it and forget it” channel. We help with ongoing strategic consultation and campaign management for continued success.