What’s the Secret to Great SEO?
There Are NO Secrets.**

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If you hear an SEO expert mention phrases like “SEO secret sauce”, “Proprietary SEO Process” or “SEO Secrets” – RUN. As fast as you can. The truth is, there are no secrets. There are no short cuts. Google is smart and if you violate their guidelines they will find you and penalize you at worst or ignore you at best. Good SEO takes effort. There is no one key SEO activity, but rather a stacking of all the right activities. Here is what we focus on to help you earn more organic traffic:

1. Technical SEO – Your site needs to be crawlable and easy for Search Engines to understand. Now more than ever, clean structure, micro data, engagement metrics and site speed are impacting SEO. We have the technical chops to help the search engines LOVE your site.
2. Content Expansion & Marketing – Your content should be engaging to users and relevant in the eyes of search engines. We use research and our experience to improve your content and drive more organic traffic.
3. Authority Building – Through content creation and sharing we can earn quality links and mentions from other trusted sites. Links and mentions still serve a critical role in SEO, but be careful. Auto generated links or spammy links will catch up to you and potentially torpedo your organic rankings. The key is hustling to make people want to link to you, not taking short cuts.

Recent Wins:
Furniture Store:
• 28% increase in organic traffic in 90 days
• Movement into top 3 positions for most important furniture keywords

Coffee Supply Company:
• 2 results on Google Answer Box, 19 new keyword rankings, and 10% organic traffic increase in under 3 months.

Restaurant Equipment Company:
• 2,178 Keywords Moved Up 2+ Positions
• 1,247 Keywords Moved Up 5+ Positions
• 477 Keywords Moved Up 10+ Positions

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