Amazon SEO

Success on Amazon is all about getting more paid search traffic and/or organic search traffic. We help with both, but here are the specific ways we help drive more organic traffic.

1 Keyword Research & Strategy – Everything starts with understanding how people search when they are shopping for products like yours. We consider several factors including search volume, competition, and overall relevance when crafting your keyword strategy.

2 Listing Optimization – We’ll help optimize your listing by making sure your product titles, bullet points, back-end keywords, and content are all optimized to boost your rankings for the right keywords.

3 Enhanced Brand Content Development (EBC) – If you’ve completed the brand registry process they you are eligible for EBC. This allows us to add video, images and right content to your listing to improve your conversion rates.

4 Tracking – Making changes and enhancements doesn’t mean much if you can’t track improvements in ranking, traffic, and sales. We’ll help you do all three.

Enhanced Brand Content