What is a Google Premier Partner?

What is a Google Premier Partner? When you need help managing your online advertising, you should work with a company that has been trained and certified by Google. Google Partners are advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who have the knowledge to manage Ad accounts.   Google Premier Partners are the top partners with demonstrated ads skill … Read More

Building a Profit-Producing Marketing Machine

Your marketing is the engine that drives your business.   With the proper fuel and horsepower, your marketing engine can create some impressive results. A few summers ago I visited the Coca-Cola world headquarters in Atlanta.  My wife and I toured the museum and it became obvious why Coca-Cola is the world’s most recognized brand: A great product (that’s mildly … Read More

Online Marketing Lessons from a TV Salesman

Sometimes your next big online marketing breakthrough may come from an unexpected place. Like a TV salesman from long before the internet was born. One of my favorite authors and marketers, Joseph Sugarman, once told the story of a superstar TV salesman from the 50s and 60s. I’m told that this salesman would often outsell all of the other salesmen … Read More


You may be all about the next idea.   You’re consumed with the next widget, gizmo, or product that will fly off the shelf.  If so, good for you. I’m currently working with a few guys who have warehouses, far-east connections, and the ability to fabricate almost anything at ultra-low costs with surprisingly high levels of quality.  We’re in the … Read More